"I had the pleasure to do a shoot for Nike in Tungsten Studios and it was great. The studio is amazing and has everything we needed. People were very friendly and helpful and made it very easy for us.
Also the food was great. Definitely recommend it!” - Stan Allende, Content Creator

“We really liked the studio, it was perfect for our needs, so it’s hard for us to think of things to improve..” - Dennis Manda, Mandaproductions

"I love your studio. Always great communication, great prices, very happy crew” - Constant van Panhuys, Bind Film

“Tungsten Studio is a great partner to work with for film recordings but also as a workshop space, because of their quick and friendly communication in combination with the easy accessible and inspirational location” - Britte Hermans, Film Producer  
”Colette is a great host
The kitchen area is great
Lunch was fantastic
The studio was clean
The crew was very helpful and assisted us in sourcing some cast when we had a bit of a meltdown
Comprehensive lighting warehouse is available
Great Parking and the overall space has a lot of heart” - Francesca Casilli, Producer Myriad Global Media (Londen)

"Tungsten studio is a pearl. The owners are super nice and one big advantage is that if you need to record sound it is really silent around! No big trucks parking or other noises which are so bothersome in studio’s in Amsterdam. Good parking spaces and if you need to go out in the fresh air, there’s nature around you to relax and then get back to work. Can’t think of anything that needs to be better.” - Aliona van der Horst